The Vintage Rendition formed as the result of four unique musicians and longtime friends uniting to not only make music that truly moved them, but to make music that stood in sharp contrast to the sterile output of what they consider to be a largely soulless music culture. Logan DeWeese and Michael May, musical soul mates, were continuously looking for likeminded, capable players who could build upon their loose and formidable rhythm section. They found what they were looking for in Clayton Sheridan, a massively talented guitarist grown tired of the cover band circuit and Trace Monroe, a passionate music fan with a powerful voice that defies his young age.

After going so far as to move in together, what was soon to become The Vintage Rendition essentially stewed themselves in the bands that they admired, playing the music that they loved around the clock and hoping to write songs worthy of their heroes. The songs that were recorded during that initial summer of 2011 show a band striving to carve out its own unique identity while still paying homage to their roots. Throughout the course of any TVR track, hard hitting Zeppelinesque riffs rub shoulders with the bluesy jubilance of early 70’s Rolling Stones, all infused with a sense of urgency and passion uncommon in most classic rock revivalists. As their name would suggest, The Vintage Rendition seek to create music that calls to mind the glory days of FM radio, when gritty, no frills rock and roll reigned supreme, while simultaneously pushing it into new territory that is relevant today.





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profile Studio

The Green Room
206 W Gibson St
Haubstadt, IN



The Vintage Rendition

  • Trace Monroe - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
  • Clayton Sheridan - Lead Guitar
  • Michael May - Bass Guitar
  • Logan DeWeese - Drums
  • Andrew Phillips - Manager